School Governors


Chair Of Governors

Mrs W. Allen


Ms M. Creed

Foundation Governors




Parent Governors

Mrs M. Quiachon (Vice-Chair) Mrs W. Allen (Chair), Mr M. Sarabia, Mr R Fernandes, Mr M. Ossei and Father J Shewring

Mrs S. Watson and Mrs B. Ijewere

Inclusion Governor

Mrs W. Allen 

Training and Development Governor

Mr M. Ossei

Literacy & Numeracy Governors

Mrs M. Quiachon and Mr R. Fernandes

Child Protection Governor

Mrs W. Allen

Health and Safety Governors

 Mrs W. Allen, Mr M. Sarabia and Mrs O'Neill

Leading Parent Partnership Award Governor

Mrs M. Quiachon

Thinking Skills Governor

Mrs W. Allen

NAACE Governor

Mrs W. Allen 

Pupil Premium and PE Premium Governors

Mrs W. Allen and Mrs M. Quiachon

Member/Governor Forum Representative

Mrs W. Allen

Stakeholder Governor

Mr M. Ossei

Well-being Governor

Mrs W. Allen

GDPR Governor

Mr M. Ossei

Staff Governor

Mrs O'Neill

Here are our Governors at a meeting using their scientific enquiry skills to carry out practical science activities in relation to out new Science Ninja scheme:




Spirit of God,
who was with Jesus at the Jordan,
before his ministry, at Mount Tabor,
before his passion and death,
and who was sent by Him at Pentecost,
be with us now in our special ministry.

Guide us with your wisdom as we seek
to take responsibility for the
education of our young people.

Show us how to build a community,
sharing a deep concern
and common purpose.

May we find together
The inspiration which is,
And always will be
Jesus Christ our Lord.


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