Please check out the Home Learning page for your weekly work. If you have any problems or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us. We are all missing you.

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Welcome back to a new school year. It has been a very different year to what we are used to so far, but I hope you had a lovely Summer and are ready for the Autumn term. The children have already settled into their new class and the school routine and are working really hard.

At the beginning of the term, the children assisted with making their own class rules and we discussed rewards and sanctions for these rules.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Miss Morgan



This term we will be learning about:

There is a daily Numeracy lesson. This term we will be focusing on;

  • counting to 100,

  • place value,

  • addition and subtraction,

  • time,

  • money and real life problems,

  • shape, space and measure.



There is a daily Literacy lesson based on a shared text which is read each lesson. We will be focusing on Fantasy, Poetry and Non-Fiction this autumn term. We will focus on two books for or fantasy topic; ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ and ‘Beegu’. Children will hear these stories and complete a range of activities based on them. For our non-fiction topic children will learn all about the life and accomplishments of Christopher Columbus. In poetry we will focus on space poems. Alongside this the children will complete a Big Write task, spelling tasks and handwriting tasks weekly.



Children will read to an adult at least once a week which will include their home reading book and a guided reading session.  Currently we are only asking children to return their reading records to school once a week on a Friday. However, it is still important that you continue to listen to your child read daily and sign the reading record. When reading with your child in order to enhance and develop their comprehension skills, please ask them some questions about what they have read, an example of questions can be found in their reading record.




This term in R.E. we will be covering the topics of ‘Beginning with the Church’ and ‘Advent to Christmas.’ In the topic ‘Beginning with the Church’ children will become familiar with symbols, words and actions related to the Sacraments of initiation; Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation. During the sessions we also focus on reflection and praying, linking back to how we welcome people in our School and the local community. In the topic ‘Advent to Christmas’ children will describe and explain the reasons for the preparations for Christmas; they will explain some of the signs and symbols used in the Church during Advent and they will explain the significance of Jesus’ birth for us Christians.




Our topic this term is Materials. Children will learn about different materials and learn to discuss and describe their properties and how they are used in the environment around them. We will continue to use ‘Science Ninja’ in science where the children work towards achieving stickers for different methods of enquiry.


In ICT we will be looking at Communication Using Text and Creating Pictures based on our topic Explorers. Children will learn how to type out sentences about aliens and Explorers and sequencing their lives and accomplishments. They will also make a poster about the explorers we have learnt about.




In History we will be learning about Neil Armstrong and the moon landings which includes the 1960’s space race. In Geography we will focus on The World including Continents and Oceans.


The children will learn how to follow pitch movement with hands and use high, low and middle voices; move up or down following changes in pitch; sing a melody accurately at pitch; recognise that symbols can represent sound, perform different pitches on percussion instruments; recognise simple patterns repeated at different pitches; create and choose sounds in response to a given stimulus.


Children will continue to have PE lessons each week.  The sessions are on Thursday. Due to the current situation, the children are expected to come into school wearing their PE kits and appropriate footwear in their bags. Please ensure that your child has the correct P.E. kit (a round neck t-shirt, not a polo shirt please) and that each item is clearly labelled. Children are not allowed to wear earrings during P.E and it would be helpful if they were not to wear them at all on these days. We do not encourage children to wear tights under shorts or track suit bottoms, so please put an extra pair of socks in your child’s P.E bag.



Art and DT 

In Art we will be learning different art skills. The children will be sketching, painting, using pastels and drawing from observation. Our topic this half term is ‘In the Dark of Night’ where the children will learn about contrasting colours such as dark and light colours. In Design Technology we will make Rockets.


Homework will be given out on Thursdays and will need to be returned to school for marking on Monday.  Alongside homework it would be helpful to your child if you could help them practise reading and writing spellings given each week, reading and spelling common exception words and helping them practise the two, five and ten times tables (please note they must know these in sequence, mixed up and related division facts).  Spellings and tables will be assessed weekly. Please not that additional work may be given to your child during the week to aid their learning.  


Edward De Bono's six thinking hats

We continue to use Edward De Bono's six thinking hats to help us to organise our thinking and process or ideas. There are 6 hats and each has a different colour and so a different use or meaning. When children answer questions in class, each question will have a different colour hat attached to it. The diagram below shows you in better detail how we use them. Ask your children what hats they have used in their learning today!


Habits of Mind

The Habits of Mind are a collection of 16 thinking dispositions designed to help children develop their critical and creative thinking skills. Every week children are taught to use a different ‘habit of mind’ to help with their thinking and apply this to their work.

Visual Maps

The children are now using visual tools in all areas of their learning. These tools help the children map out their ideas and organize their thinking.

For more information about the curriculum please contact your child's teacher. 
















Information for parents: Assessment results at the end of key stage 1