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Welcome to St. Mary’s Nursery!

The Nursery team are: Mrs Whytock and Mrs For.

Summer Term 2019-2020

We hope you have all had a wonderful Easter term break and you are ready for learning in the first half of our summer term. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know. Please make some time to read with your child, if possible, every day. When reading with you child, try and find a quiet place with the T.V off. Encourage your child to turn the pages of the book, talk about the pictures and tell you what is happening in the story or what they think will happen next.

How to support Home Learning

Coronavirus A Book For Children

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Religious Education

Easter in Matthew's Gospel

 Literacy and Numeracy (various activities) 

Literacy (online books)

CBeebies Little Learners Literacy


Mr Throne Does Phonics – Letters and Sounds's%20phonics&qs=AS&form=QBVR&sp=1&pq=mr%20thorne's%20phonics&sc=5-19&cvid=963E8BFE33CB4FD2B8E49FBF9D96E915

CBeebies Little Learners Numeracy

Various topics

CBeebies Little Learners Art


Hungry Little Minds – Activities for 0-5 Year Olds


e-safety activity for children aged 4-5

e-safety activity for children aged 4-7


Above all else we hope you remain well and safe and please take care of each other.

Best wishes

From all of the EYFS team


This term we will be learning our letter and sounds by continuing to use the ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme of work.

The children will be learning to; 

  • Listen to adults and peers in the nursery.

  • Have opportunities to talk to friends, partner, whole class, adults. Take part in circle time, speaking and listening through narrative. 

  • Children to show and tell what they have put inside the box.

  • Children to follow the 5 steps of good listening on the carpet.

  • Each child to take home and share with the rest of the class. 

The children will continue to choose library books weekly and reading scheme books where appropriate.


This term the children will have opportunities to;

  • During structured play children will have free access to a wide variety of writing tools and materials .

  • Continue their hand and finger exercises, clapping etc.

  • Daily shared writing.

  • Develop fine motor skills- jigsaws, threading beads.

  • Use name cards to copy names.

  • Have a go at writing. 

  • Use initial letter sound when writing


Fom Easter to Pentecost

Children will explore the season of Easter as the celebration of the resurrection and coming of the Spirit. The season of Easter begins with Easter Sunday and finishes with Pentecost. The stories of the Season of Easter are our ‘Gold Star’ stories as they show us that Jesus was not just an ordinary person – He rose from the dead and came alive again! Without the resurrection the Church would not have begun.

The children will be:

  • Hearing the stories of the Easter season

  • Coming to know that God loves each one always and at all times

  • Experiencing that a Church is a special place where God’s people gather to pray.

  • Experiencing liturgical celebrations in a variety of simple settings.

  • Experiencing and recognise prayer is talking and listening to God

  • Considering ways in which a Christian family and parish share and celebrate life, and show care for one another.

It is hoped that pupils will develop:

  • An awareness of the events of the Easter

  • A sense of joy and wonder

  • An openness to God’s Holy Spirit celebrated at Pentecost

EYFS Growing

Respond EY Growing



This term in Maths we will be learning:

  • Number songs and rhymes and stories

  • One new number per week between 1-10.

  • Having a go at matching activities, sticking activities, number jigsaws, numbers in sand/water, white boards and markers and numberlines.

  • About number through the use of ICT including Espresso and specific number programs on the iPads.

  • A new different number song/rhyme per week.

  • Sorting activities which include natural and man-made materials.

  • Sorting colours from pictures from magazines.

  • Ordering numbers using the washing line.

Have a look at some of our fantastic Maths work in the Nursery!


Focus: Growing. We will be able to observe chicks in incubator and observe changes as chicks hatch and grow.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly.

To watch the different stages in a butterfly’s life in the Nursery classroom. To let the butterflies go when fully grown.

Planting seeds and bulbs and observing changes. To learn what a seed needs to grow.

EAD: This term we will:

  • Develop fine motor skills- painting, charcoal, drawing etc. Recognise Primary colours.

  • Work with a variety of collage materials.

  • Assume a role in the Home corner.

  • Join in songs and rhymes.

  • Use musical instruments to create sounds heard in the environment.

  • Create own pictures from paints. Use boxes and resources to make own models.


Children will:

  •  Have access to a variety of large equipment: caterpillar, slide, tyres etc and use this to model how to make a circuit.

  • Develop Locomotor skills- crawling, walking, running, hopping, leaping.

  •  Develop body management skills- static and dynamic balancing, stopping and landing.

  • Develop independent toilet use and independent dressing.

  • Develop fine motor skills: gripping pencils, using scissors correctly.


We will be working with the children to:

  • Encourage play in a group by extending and elaborating play ideas.


    Make friends.

  • Developing their decision making and show an awareness of taking turns at activities.

  • Encourage independence during class day.

  • Model how to use the art area, writing area, maths area etc. 


    Follow Nursery rules indoors and outdoors.

Please come and talk to the Nursery team if you have any questions.

For more information about the curriculum please contact your child's teacher.















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