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Our topic for R.E. will be Beginning with the Church.  Your child will learn about how the Pope is head of the church and the Bishops, Priests and congregation work together as if part of one body. They will learn about the Seven Sacraments and will be focusing this term on Baptism and the Eucharist.




In Numeracy we will be using the White Rose Scheme of work starting with investigating Place Value by sorting and counting objects and representing the numbers from one to ten in different ways. Children will practice reasoning – that is being able to explain how or why they know something. The children will start to count forwards and backwards from any number up to ten in order to know one more, one less or to add and subtract. In the second half of the term the children will extend this knowledge to all numbers within twenty. They will complete the term by exploring and investigating shapes.




We will be sharing stories from familiar settings in Literacy and will be reading Supertato, Traction Man, Dogger and The mixed-up Chameleon. The children will begin by reading the story Supertato, dressing up and acting like Superheroes and writing about the costumes and superpowers they would like. They will create their own household superhero characters after reading Traction Man. They will use Eric Carle’s Mixed Up Chameleon story to support their learning about animals in Science, and to imagine how they might feel if they had some of the characteristics of different animals.


Animals including humans (focus on humans)

In Science we will be learning to name and label the different parts of the human body and find out what the five senses are. We will learn how we use our senses and focus on our sense of hearing and smell for some investigations. In the second half of the term the children will find out about the similarities and differences between different species of animal. The children will learn about the different body parts and start to categorise animals by their bodies, habits and diets.





Our geography topic will be Weather and we will learn about different types of weather and how it affects people. The children will learn symbols for different types of weather and ways to measure and record it.


In History we will learn all about The Gunpowder Plot; how and why it came about and why we still celebrate the 5th November with bonfires and fireworks.


We will begin our time reminding and teaching the children how to stay safe on the internet. The children will then learn how to log on to the computers in the ICT suite, develop their mouse and keyboard skills and learn how to save and retrieve documents.




Our Art topic is also Weather and we will be mixing colours for warm weather and cold, wet weather. We will find out about how colour can affect or represent our mood, and mix different colours to paint clouds, skies, warm and cold scenes.



The children will be listening to music and learning songs from the Sing Up scheme. They will learn active listening using movement, beat and echo singing, start to understand beat, march, timbre (quality of the music sound) and film music. They will become familiar with pitch (high or low sounds), structure (how music is organised), graphic symbols, and listen to classical music.