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Welcome to our class page. We hope everyone had a lovely Easter break and everyone is refreshed and ready for the Summer term.

This term we will be learning about:



We will be focusing on the counting properties of numbers, place value, ordering and estimating numbers, addition and subtraction, time, handling data and space, shape and measure.

This term, the children will be learning and reading stories from the author ‘Anthony Browne’.

They will be given weekly spellings to learn for a test and other Literacy homework to fit in with weekly work.

There will be weekly handwriting practice, spelling test and comprehension work.

Collaborative/Guided Reading will take place regularly and the children will read in set groups.  Some children will be reading individually on a daily basis

Big Writing (creative writing) will also take place each week.





‘Easter to Pentecost’

This term we are learning about the key events that lead up to Easter Sunday. They will be making links to key scripture from the gospel of Luke.  Within the lessons, the children are encouraged to take part in reflections whereby they are encouraged to pray and understand their faith.




Animals including humans
The children will be learning about animals and their offspring. They will be describing their basic needs for survival (food, water and air). They will describe and explain the importance of a balanced diet including why regular exercise is important. The children will also learn to identify how animals and plants adapt to their environment. 





This term we will learn about ‘coding.’ Children will learn how to input algorithms using expresso. They will be learning the importance of setting clear instructions in order to make an object move. 





We will be learning about Marie Curie. The children will be learning about her legacy and her discoveries. They will be making comparisons of the role of women in science from now and in the past.