Welcome to St Mary’s School. We feel privileged to have your child and hope that the time s/he spends with us will be both happy and worthwhile.

We believe that school life must be a partnership between the child’s home, school and parish. Children need to be aware of their parents and teachers working together. It gives them security and confidence which they need if they are to develop good attitudes to learning, and to become part of the faith community.

As parents you have an important part to play in your child’s education and there are many ways in which you can support him/her and our school.

We hope you will find the information in this handbook helpful. It will explain how we seek to educate your child, how the school is organised and how you can help. The primary years are very special ones and no child gets a second chance at them. We assure you of our very best efforts to make your child’s years at St Mary’s School as happy and productive as possible.