Headteacher's Welcome...

Dear Children and Parents, Well done for another great term in school! Thank you children for being very enthusiastic and for doing your best. Thank you parents for your wonderful support always. You are always in our prayers each day. Please stay safe and well and have a good Easter break. We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 19th April 2022 for a new term in school. With love and best wishes for a peaceful and happy Easter. From All at St. Mary’s.

Welcome to St Mary’s Catholic Primary School!

Our School Motto is 'Love, Listen and Learn'! 

We believe that school life must be a partnership between the child’s home, school and parish.

Children need to be aware of their parents and teachers working together.  It gives them the security and confidence which they need if they are to develop good attitudes to learning, and to become part of the faith community.

Parents have an important part to play in their child’s education and there are many ways in which they can support their child and our school. We hope you will find the information on this website helpful.

It will explain how we seek to educate our children, how the school is organised and how parents and volunteers can help.   The primary years are very special ones and no child gets a second chance at them. We assure you of our very best efforts to make our children’s years at St Mary’s School as happy and productive as possible.


Yours sincerely

Ms. M. Creed



Our School Prayer


This is our school.

May we all live here

Happily together.

May our school be full of joy.

May love dwell here among us

Every day.


Love of one another,

Love of all people everywhere,

Love of life itself,

And love of God.


Let us all remember that

As many hands build a house,

So every child

Can make this school

A lovely place. Amen

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To find out more information about our Parish, visit our website at: 

Mary Mother of God Website



We were delighted to achieve the Leading Parent Partnership Award for the third time, following a rigorous final verification visit in September. The report which followed a while after was very complimentary about the school, these are some of the comments from the report:


'This is the third time St Mary's has won the Leading Parent Partnership Award, testament to the importance they attach to the value of strong and effective home school partnership.' 

'St Mary's provides a warm, welcoming and inspirational environment ......displays are of a gold standard...'

'The reception area is comfortable, professionally staffed and welcoming.'  

The assessor spoke to a group of parents on the day of final verification and reported them as saying 'everything they do (in school ) is hand in hand with parents.'

Well done everybody, a successful partnership which we will continue to strengthen and deepen. 


Want to know the weather forecast? Click on the image above to have a look at the Met Office Weather Forecast website to find out more about our local area of Ponders End, Enfield.




St Mary’s is a thinking school. This means use a set of tools for learning which help the children to become independent and critical thinkers.

Thinking Hats
Edward de Bono developed the "six hats" method as a means of teaching people to view problems from a range of perspectives, and so develop a more rounded way of thinking. In a group of people considering a problem or proposition, one person will consider the situation analytically, another emotionally, another positively, another negatively, and another creatively.

This explains the different thinking hats and the vocabulary we would use to explain it to the children. 

De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats
The Red hat is worn when we are looking at problems using our gut reactions and emotions. The red hat is like fire. It is warm and full of feelings!
     The Yellow hat helps us think positively.  It helps us to keep going when everything looks gloomy and difficult. 
     The White hat is all about information.  It is like computer paper!  We are looking at the information we have and seeing what we can learn from it.
     The Black hat is worn when we are looking at why a plan or solution might not work. It helps us to see the problems and weaknesses of a specific idea.
     The Green hat is worn when we are trying to be creative and think of different ways to solve a problem.  It is like nature, about growing new ideas.
The Blue hat is the hat worn by the person in charge of the discussion.  It keeps everyone organised and thinking the right way.

Habits of Mind
A habit of mind means having a disposition toward behaving intelligently when confronted with problems, the answers to which are not immediately known.
There are 16 Habits of Mind and the children focus at least one of them per week.

Thinking Maps
Thinking Maps presents eight powerful visual models that boost all learners’ metacognitive and critical thinking skills. This is a novel and effective model which helps students:
•    Organise thoughts
•    Examine relationships
•    Enhance reasoning skills
•    Create connections between subjects
•    Engage with content
The children use these maps daily across the curriculum.


Philosophy for Children

This is a method of thinking, reasoning and making sense of arguments. It is a chance for the children to think, share ideas and form reasoned arguments. It is also a time to listen to others and have their opinions heard. There are no right or wrong answers just opinions.
The children really enjoy the sessions. This is what a group of Year 6 children shared about their recent session:

‘If you speak and if it is wrong, nobody says it is wrong.’
‘There are no right or wrong answers.’
‘Everybody was free to share their opinion.’
‘We shared time together.’
‘We expressed our feelings freely.’
‘It gave me a chance to speak in a group because I like speaking in groups.’
‘We get to think outside the box.’

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St Mary's Catholic Primary

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St Marys Catholic Primary School
Primary school in Enfield Town, England

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For further information about our school please contact our Administrative Officer Mrs. G Robinson at the school.

If you request a paper copy of the information published on our school website then please speak to Mrs. G. Robinson at the school.