Covid19 Information for Children

Covid19- Staying Home

Click on the image below for access to a free daily podcast while your child is at home;

Amazon today canceled the subscription of books and audio stories for children and students of all ages as long as schools are closed, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids.

All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet using the following link

Collins is giving free access to its online learning platform, Collins Connect, for the length of the school closures. The platform is for both primary and secondary schools and is home to learning and teaching resources for a range of subjects including English, maths and science at all levels, as well as international curricula. It includes more than 300 e-books from its Big Cat reading programme, activity sheets, a times tables practice tool, revision and PDF downloads of many of its titles. Collins is adding resources daily to the site.


Octopus is launching a Meet The Author series on Instagram. Twice a week an Octopus author—across all subjects, including cooking, health, mindfulness, fashion, design and gardening—will introduce themselves and their book, and answer five questions that they feel readers would most want to know.


BBC to offer pupils missing school daily TV tuition aimed at different key stages, including GCSE and A level.

Families and children can now easily discover a wide range of entertaining and educational shows and films, with the launch of a new children’s experience on BBC iPlayer, including older shows returning to iplayer.

Image result for the day mum came to school

On Tuesday 5th November we were lucky enough to invite some of our mums into school to spend the morning with us! They took part in our lessons and got to experience what school is like for their children every day! 


Have a look at our recent corridor displays from nursery up to year 6. Each class had a book which we were exploring and produced work from our particular stories.

This week we had a MoneySense workshop where we had to plan a birthday party with a set budget. We worked in groups to complete to organise the best party, for the greatest number of people for the least amount of money! Luckily we had helpers from the bank to help guide us with our financial organisation. Have a look at our pictures to see how we got on!

Ducklings at St. Mary’s School

        We are all very excited that a duckling company has delivered a batch of duckling eggs into school on the week beginning 23rd April.

We now have 5 out of 6 of the duckling eggs which have hatched. They have stayed in our school for two weeks.  This is to help teach the children, first hand, about an animal’s life cycle and to be able to give them a ‘hands on,’ real experience. 

        During this time, the children have been encouraged to come and visit the ducklings and see them throughout each stage.

        We hope that your child has come home very excited about this opportunity and that you are able to discuss what they have been able to observe at each stage.

Our School Music Assembly




We danced to the theme of 'Let's Dance'. We went to Milfield Theatre to perform our dance. We were so proud of ourselves and really enjoyed dancing on stage!

"I liked doing everything, I got to dance infront of my parents" "I had fun dancing, it was great"


"I liked going into the huddle, and into the circle" "the best was my bowtie, it was so glittery and sparkly" "I think I did really good jumping"

"The best bit was when we were going to dance infront of all the people, but I really liked doing the colouring after!"


"When the lights went off, it was a bit scary" "Then then lights came on, I was nervous to do the dance, but I was so happy, I heard the music playing and everyone was clapping"

"I liked doing the turns" "I was scared but very excited" "I had a beautiful feather and gems on my headband"

"It was so good to do the dancing, I really liked the fact that we got to make up the moves ourselves and think about the way we had to put all the steps together" "We got to do our own styles and it felt so good to perform infront of everyone"



Year 4 Production of 'The Gospel Show'
Have a look at our drama club...
Year 3 Production- Pirates of the Curry Bean
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